brantswanderwest | “I bet you just blew a fuse”
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10 May

“I bet you just blew a fuse”

Written by Trae

Our original plan was to spend just 1 night with my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle George in Cayce, SC and then continue up to Charlotte, NC.  However, when we discovered our brake lights were not functioning, we had a feeling we would need to stay at least another day so Uncle George and I could troubleshoot the electrical system. At first, we were a bit frustrated about having to push the timeline back again.  It was difficult for us to make plans with people we planned on visiting when our timeline kept changing. Within a few hours of being around family in a familiar place, it was so evident to us that being there a little longer was going to be such a blessing. We had a warm bed, warm shower, amazing food (Aunt Phyllis is a phenomenal cook), great beer (Uncle George is a craft beer connoisseur of sorts), delicious dessert (Christy, my cousin, is an excellent baker), and free wifi that allowed Jamie to get caught up with work.  


It really did work out for the best, and by the end of day 2 in Cayce, Uncle George and I had figured out the issue and solved it. Turns out the trailer brake lines and lights were grounding out in multiple locations, which in turn blew the tow fuse in our truck. With all those important components fixed, we were able to get on the road that afternoon after saying goodbye. It’s been so nice living within 2 hours of this part of our family for the past few years, and we’re certainly going to miss being so close.

trailer shadow


Trae and Jamie