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08 May

The Departure

Written by Jamie

Our original set departure date was April 1.  In the midst of the frantic renovation of our Argosy, April 1 came and went pretty darn quickly.  Fast forward to Thursday, April 7, and we both felt like it was the day to leave. We knew the project would be a work in progress, especially once we got on the road and saw how things withstood the wear and tear. Eager to officially get on the road, we packed up everything into Bob and said our final goodbyes to Trae’s family. We drove across the farm with Trae’s dad and brother ahead of us as a lead car, watching out for any ditches, holes or the like and redirecting us as needed.  As we neared the final gate of the farm, we did one last check over the trailer –  but the brake lights were out. 

BWW_Bob Reno-Florida-12
Trae standing confidently inside the gutted trailer.

In our minds, we had already “crossed the Rubicon”.  We were not about to push back departure another day or more. Trae was confident that he knew what the issue was and would be able to fix it. So off we went, headed to North Palm Beach, FL to spend a few days with my parents and a bunch of our friends.

truck and trailer at rest stop
The rig at our first stop on the Florida Turnpike.

Within 10 miles, we learned how choosing the right gas station and pump is crucial when you are almost 50ft. in total length with limited availability to reverse or u-turn. Within 50 miles, we learned that yes, everything inside an RV really does move around quite a bit during travel.  Within 100 miles, we learned that yes, that small square piece of metal we saw fly in our rearview mirror really did come off our trailer…

We rolled into North Palm around 11pm, and our sweet friends Bobby and Amy Chaplin had agreed to let us park Bob on the side of their house.  Upon arrival, it was clear that Bob Argosy’s 8ft. girth was not going to fit through the side fence door. Risking a citation from the Village of North Palm Beach, but also knowing that we would be gone before any penalties would be imposed, we went ahead and unhitched in the driveway (sorry Village of NPB!), and headed to my parents house for some rest.

Hanging out with Bobby and Amy Chaplin.

The timing for our visit to North Palm could not have been more perfect.  Our friends Tyler & Shaundi happened to be visiting from Denver for the weekend, so we got to spend some great quality time with them and a bunch of our other Palm Beach Atlantic friends who still live in South Florida.  We also got to spend some time with our friends Luke & Ondrea who happened to be visiting from Tampa, FL.  We got to eat at some of our longtime favorite restaurants, and spent the evenings by the fire pit surrounded by friends and family.

Trae spent the majority of Saturday morning working on getting the trailer brake lights working again, but even with the great assistance from Bobby and Eddie Chaplin, the lights were still on the fritz.  We’d be to Cayce, SC by Monday, where Trae’s Uncle George, a veteran electrician, would certainly be able to solve the puzzle.  So we headed north on Sunday late morning, with a planned stop in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL to see our dear friends Sean & Katie, and their new little boy Tommy!

Holding baby Tommy.
Group photo with Tommy and Katie.

We arrived in PVB just in time to catch the last of The Masters with Sean & Katie, and spent a relaxing evening catching up and watching 60 Minutes (seriously, don’t hate).  We were able to relax the next morning, have breakfast with Katie and spend some time playing with Tommy.  We got back on the road in the afternoon and arrived at Aunt Phyllis & Uncle George’s by dinnertime, greeted with smiles and Aunt Phyllis’ famous homemade mac & cheese.

trailer shadow


Trae and Jamie